DDPYoga – Day 0 Part 1

I ordered DDPYoga on Sunday night after mulling it over and hearing Mike Eps & Dave from PWInsider talk about exercise stuff on their audio show. I’ve always toyed with the idea of a “easy” workout since I am a self admitted lazy bastard but Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) just has this way of making me want to actually get fit and healthy. I’m no fatty fat fatty, but I am overweight and would like to get rid of of my excess weight. I haven’t built up enough courage yet to weigh or measure myself but I have a few days before the DVDs come in the mail. I plan on taking pictures so I can refer back to them as motivation and to see how far I have gone… I hate pictures being taken of me, I think I’ve only been happy with one or two pictures of me out of hundreds that my mother has taken but my self confidence couldn’t be lower so I can only rise from the ashes like a motherfucking phoenix

Credit to  TheSeventhStorm for the original drawing of a phoenix

Phoenix drawing by TheSeventhStorm.DeviantArt.com

Phoenix drawing by TheSeventhStorm.DeviantArt.com

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