DDPYoga – Day 0 Part 2 & Other Thoughts

It’s a rainy Sunday lunchtime and yet I am still excited. Just hoping and waiting for DDPYoga to come in the mail. Thinking about how many lives it has changed and how I hope it will change mine for the better, seeing some of my favourite wrestler’s having a second chance. I may not be happy with my body but I am going to do all I can to transform myself so I will be happier with my appearance.

Tonight is the Royal Rumble, the start of the road to Wrestlemania, the beginning of the best time of the wrestling year. Wrestling is one of my escapes. It makes me happy just to get out of real life for a couple times a week. Although I read the spoilers and get the inside news it doesn’t ruin it for me. to me wrestling is all about the action in the ring and the story they tell, the twists and turns, and definitely not swerves!

It my brother’s 12th birthday tomorrow and although he’s almost a teenager I still think of him as the little baby I held on the day he was born… So happy birthday baby!

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