DDPYoga – Day 5, 6 & 7

As I write this blog I’m watching Austin Powers International Man Of ┬áMystery just at the part where he begins to dance to “I Touch Myself” and I can’t believe how some people look down on film because of the humour in it.

Back to DDPYoga, I didn’t do much on Wednesday because I was at work from 6-12 and then 2-6.30 so for a good ten hours. I always have some sort of fun at work whether it be talking about food with friends or singing to avenged sevenfold with my manager and team leader. I also saw my baby cousin Anthony who is soooooo cute between my shifts at work. I only did the “Wake Up” workout which is to be done at the beginning of the day.

Thursday was a different story altogether. I did two, that’s right TWO workouts, “Fatburner” & “Energy”. I was sweating buckets after but it was worth it. I felt tired but I still had energy to do stuff, I also did children’s work on Thursday evening and I love the people I work with but the children can be a right handful at times.

Today (Friday) I moved onto disc 2 it has a couple more workouts on it “Below the Belt” and “Diamond Cutter”. I did Diamond Cutter and it killed me. This was the first time I’ve done it downstairs, I’ve only done it in my room but I was home alone and I thought why not. I enjoyed it but I did give up on the last 10 count push ups so I’ve got a goal. I weighed myself in the morning and was pleasantly surprised and I can feel my biceps becoming stronger and better… DDPYoga is for me

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